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Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau (Marie-Gabrielle Cecile Charlotte Sophie; born 8 September 1986), is the first child and only daughter of Prince Jean of Luxembourg (the second son Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium) and Helene Suzanna Vestur.

Early Life

Marie-Gabrielle was born prior to her parents marriage and held no title at birth.

Prince Jean had renounced his rights of succession to the throne Luxembourg prior to his marriage. On 21 September 1995 the wife and children of Prince Jean were elevated to Countess (ess) of Nassau. On 24 November 2004, Prince Jean's children were granted the style and title "HRH" Prince (ss) of Nassau."

Marie-Gabrielle has three younger brothers: Constantin (born 22 July 1988), Wenceslas (born 17 November 1990) and Carl-Johan (born 1 August 1992).

The family lives in Paris, France, where Prince Jean works in the water sector for Degremont, which is part of Suez. She attended Goldsmith, University of London in the UK.


8 September 1986-21 September 1995: Miss Marie Gabrielle Nassau

21 September 1995-24 November 2004: Countess Marie Gabrielle of Nassau

24 November 2004-present: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie Gabrielle Cecile Charlotte Sophie of Nassau

Religion: Catholic


National Honours

Luxembourg: Knight of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau

Luxembourg: Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Adolphe of Nassau

Foreign Honours

Spain: Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic